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Project 365
* an image a day
Recent Entries 
6th-Feb-2009 12:22 am - Anyone still alive?
I highly doubt anyone will still be doing this project, but I just got a new camera, and I feel as though now would be a good time to restart my photo project...So is anyone still out there who'll do it with me?
20th-Nov-2008 04:58 pm - Hi!
Hey Everyone!

I'm Sarah, I'm twenty years old. I study Graphic Design in my last year at college. I love being creative and imaginative. I really liked the idea of taking a photo each day, I want to start it as soon as possible so I may start it tonight or tomorrow :) Shall let you all know how it goes!

30th-Oct-2008 12:07 am - hello, everyone!
I'm elika.  just turned 19 on October 26, and, basically, started doing the project.  i have a few galleries, one of them is on eileenel.devianart.com, so feel free to go check this out.  however, there are a lot of things that are unuploaded yet, so, when i get my vacation...*sighs*....u might see those online.

ok, enough bullshit.  about myself - its pretty much located here. feel free to comment and/or ask anything that interests you :)

my intend to do the marathon has 3 goals:
1) to improve
2) to express
3) to have FUN.

and yes, pictures themselves are coming soon. will post at the end of each month =)

nice to meet ya all ^______^


29th-Oct-2008 10:25 am - Nice.

This project sure went far.
20th-Oct-2008 07:43 pm - I..have cake.
So I realize this project is petering out quickly, but I'm determined to do it! I started on Saturday, which was my birthday, so here are my first three days. Yay!

Days One, Two and Three!Collapse )
If anyone cares to keep track, my flickr photostream is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kila_365 . But if anyone is still doing this, please let me know! :D!
5th-Oct-2008 12:24 am(no subject)
Well, My name is Landers, and from what it looks like, so far I'm the only guy in this group. I'm new to LJ and what better place to start than a new community? I'm a photographer, and I work at a JCPenney studio, mainly taking portraits of babies and kids for birthdays and X-Mas. I also have a passion for music and video editing, but don't have much to show for either. A dream of mine is to have my own photography company that does portraits in the day and event photography at night.

My main reason for making a LJ was to keep a photo journal. My goal was to have a photo a day. Imagine the odds that I'd stumble upon this group! I hope that some good friendships are built here, and that great ideas can be exchanged, as well as critiques. TTFN.

- Landers

(And to answer your question, Sarah, I've already started!)
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